GenPro 20e SQB GSM Modem Entirely dedicated to the wireless markets throughout the world, the GenPro 20e SQB allows a simple and rapid integration of. With the EGM development environment, it is possible to adapt the software for own applicationes. Modem. GenPro 20e. GenPro 24e. GenPro 54e. GenPro 30e. Band (/// MHz) connectivity into M2M applications. The GenPro 20e SQB is accessible by AT commands and is equipped with a RS serial.

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Advertising Enable granular device targeting of your campaigns. UMTS – restricted. At the time of the installation, verify the electronic protection system of the vehicle. Markup WML1 – restricted. There was a problem removing your opinion. JS Application Cache – restricted. Wi-Fi – restricted. Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc. Primary organisation creating not necessarily assembling the device. Genppro radio module is put into standby and the power may then be removed.

The device is distributed with Windows Phone pre-installed. JS Web GL – restricted. Reporting Source Reporting Value. The pixel density of the 220e screen.


VoLTE – restricted. Image GIF89A – restricted. Refer to the table below for a list of extended error codes and their meanings.

EDGE – restricted. Ensure that the selected modulation type is supported by the called number. The device is distributed with Windows Mobile pre-installed. Is the modem echo deactivated and without message reporting?

Is Mobile Phone – restricted. The model name of a chipset.

Erco & Gener GenPro 20e (GenPro20e) | DeviceAtlas

To verify the GSM signal quality, perform the following operations: Optional flash memory extension and integrated shock detector associated with development tools, offer the possibility for the personalisation of supplementary applications. The device supports jQueryMobile. HSDPA – restricted. Supports Client Side – restricted.

User Guide GenPro 20e GenPro 24e |

The ability of the web browser to start a telephone call when a URI is defined with the protocol ‘tel’ followed by a telephone number e. Returns nothing Check Is the modem correctly powered? JS Json – restricted. Added ROHS directive page The device is a television. OS Windows Mobile – restricted. JS Device Orientation – restricted. The frequency, gain and duration of the tone may be specified: JS Geo Location – restricted.

The name of the OS distribution, either based on or forked from an existing operating system. Chipset Vendor – restricted.


Developer Platform – restricted. Check the GSM antenna installation see chapter 8. The modem is then protected by the in-line fuse.

The characteristics of the different GenPro are shown in the Product Differences table. Also known as CSS resolution. About the data Device data and available properties. SIM Slots – restricted. Copyright and Disclaimer All rights reserved.

Device Data

The circuit breaker is necessary for genpto reasons. For further information concerning the tools and training, please consult our sales department. The device is a reading device. CSS Transitions – restricted. Image JPG – restricted. For further information, please refer to the following documents: Image PNG – restricted.

Echo cancellation and noise reduction features are also available to improve the audio quality in hands-free applications. In this example, when the circuit breaker is closed, the current flows via the modem and the electrical circuits in the lorry dash-board for example. Memory Limit Embedded Media – restricted .