GDSII Stream format is the standard file format for transfering/archiving 2D graphical design data. It contains a hiearchy of structures, each structure containing. Beyond that, let me say that the stream format is quite simple. I suspect that the people at Calma put a lot of thought into creating a file that. Learn files and view a list of programs that open them.

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Exactly 3 pairs 1: This information is used only when reading the data into a new library. Information about external data can be found in the CustomPlus User’s Manual.

SPIE Handbook of Microlithography, Micromachining and Microfabrication

GDS II files can ofrmat read as normal files or gzip compressed files without an external decompresser. The following records are not supported by Stream Release 3. The database is binary for compactness. Exactly 1 pair AREF: The data can be used to reconstruct all or part of the artwork to be used in sharing layouts, transferring artwork between different tools, or creating photomasks. The actual stream file: For an AREF, the angle rotates the entire array lattice with the individual array elements regidly attached about the array reference point.


I haven’t seen this since the days of 9 track tapes on reels, but just in case, here we go Individual layers or data types are separated with a space. To convert scale-independent text elements as well, select a non-zero default text size value for this option in the setup.

Note that the data type e. The textfont definition file names may include directory specifiers separated with “: The third point locates a position which is forrmat from the reference point by the inter-row spacing times the number of rows. Retrieved from ” https: Bit 0 leftmost specifies reflecton.

This means that any software for reading or writing GDSII has to be able to extract each byte and interpret the bits. Two- and four-byte signed integers use the usual twos complement format for negative values.

ENDEL end of element. This record must be present if there are any reference libraries bound to the current library.

GDS II files were originally placed on magnetic tapes. Unfortunately, when one needs to compute the actual position of the polygonal entities, one must “reverse” this nesting; for large databases this turns out to be a difficult computation to do quickly.

The GDSII Stream Format

For an 8-byte real, the mantissa is in bits 8 to This is not part of the GDS standard, but supported by some viewers. This enormous base of legacy code is probably what is slowing the transition to alternatives in particular OASIS. Each record starts with two bytes containing the length of the record.

  AVAYA 3711 PDF

The first is the number of columns.

GDS File Extension – What is a .gds file and how do I open it?

Required for Filtered format, and present only in Filtered Stream files. GDSII is organized in a hierarchical fashion.

These free tools include editors, [2] [3] [4] viewers, [5] utilities to convert the 2D layout cormat into common 3D formats, [6] [7] utilities to convert the binary format to a human readable ASCII format [8] and program libraries. I’ve listed the gdsi ones here: An example of a common record order see below for record descriptions follows: This moment was fittingly called tape out though it is not the original root of the term.

The value can be negative. However, it will not interference with any other GDSII tool as long as no cell with the mentioned named is used in the design.