Beautiful Strangers (Romanian: Frumoasele străine) is a prose collection by the Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu. It consists of stories Cărtărescu wrote . Mircea Cărtărescu is a Romanian poet, novelist, literary critic and essayist. Contents . Premio Euskadi de Plata to the Best Book of for Las Bellas Extranjeras (Frumoasele străine), translated from the Romanian into Spanish by. Free Online Library: Mircea Cartarescu. Frumoasele straine.(Book review) by ” World Literature Today”; Literature, writing, book reviews Books Book reviews.

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Mircea Cărtărescu

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Mircea Cărtărescu – Wikipedia

His works have been translated into most European languages. Alternate workout of Odata cu disponibilitatea lor in format digital, multe dintre aceste carti au aparut piratate pe torrente sau siteuri de download.


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Romanian writer Mircea Cartarescu awarded Formentor literary prize

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Fantasy and imagination Mircea Cartarescu Bucharest, is one of the most relevant Romanian writers, poets and essayists of his generation.

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Editions of Frumoasele străine by Mircea Cărtărescu

I am very pleased that some of my books have already been translated into the two languages, and even in a third in Spanish territory, Basque. Barcelona passes motion to ban Franco foundation. Check date values in: I write about people and about literature at the same time, about the human condition and the condition of the writer in the endless and incomprehensible universe that is our home.


Some of your books have been translated into Catalan and Spanish. All this categorising is again just putting up schizoid walls, which lead to misunderstandings. Longhorn Server build Posted: He has received some of the most prestigious European literary awards, including the Gregor von Rezzori prize in Italy, and the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding.

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