Drug Dev Ind Pharm. Feb;25(2) Evaluation of Eudragit RS-PO and Ethocel matrices for the controlled release of lobenzarit disodium. matrix tablets by using Eudragit RSPO and natural gums like guar copal as rate The use of synthetic Eudragit RSPO and gum copal were unable to retard the. Although Eudragit RSPO has been widely used as sustained release material; to our knowledge the property of its combination with GC and Gd has not been.

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These results are in good agreement with the results reported by Gannu et al. Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. Sustained release products are needed for metformin to prolong its duration of action and to improve patient compliances. D response surface plots showing the effect of a ratio of a polymer to a drug and concentration of a surfactant at constant sonication time and b ratio of a polymer to a drug and sonication time at constant concentration of a surfactant.

Subscribe to our Newsletter All our latest content delivered to your inbox. The contents, results, and technical data from this site may not be reproduced either electronically, photographically or substantively without permission from MatWeb, LLC. It was also found that SDS was able to increase the drug solubility by threefold when compared to the solubility of tenofovir in water. The reduced model for PDI is presented in where and are ratio of a polymer to a drug and concentration of a surfactant, respectively.

Modification of the traditional method with the use of surfactants improves the EE.

Journal of Nanomaterials

Tenofovir was encapsulated in Eudragit RS PO in this study intended for oral administration since most studies are based on the prevention of HIV transmission [ 13 ]. The need for the administration two edragit three times a day when larger doses are required can decrease patient compliance. The FTIR showed some noncovalent interactions between the drug and polymer but a sustained release was observed in vitro for up to 80 hours.


Nanoprecipitation of hydrophobic drugs is more facile than the hydrophilic ones. Abstract The objective of present study was to develop an optimized polymeric nanoparticle system for the antiretroviral drug tenofovir. The dissolution media used were ml of 0. The most important characteristics of drug-bearing nanoparticles are size, encapsulation efficiency EEzeta potential, and drug release [ 14 ]. Diffusion coupled with erosion might be the mechanism for the drug release from hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymer based matrix tablets which can be expected to reduce the frequency of administration and decrease the dose-dependent side effects associated with repeated administration of conventional metformin HCl Tablets.


Evonik EUDRAGIT® RS PO Copolymer

Many researchers investigated various natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic polymeric materials. Moreover, coefficient of determination indicates the proportion of variation in the data that is explained by the model.

The completed design consisted of 15 experimental runs, which were done in triplicate. The results showed probability of dose dumping from matrix tablets prepared without GC and GD. Figure 2 provides the 3D response surface plots showing the change of particles size corresponding to the change of independent variables.

An obstacle to more successful use of metformin therapy is the high incidence of concomitant gastrointestinal symptoms, such as abdominal discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea that especially occurs during the initial period of treatment. As shown in Figure 4 a increasing an amount of polymer resulted in an increase in PDI. The coefficient of determination 0. The compound has relatively short plasma half-life of 1. Side effects, short half lives, low bioavailability and the need for the administration two to three times a day when larger doses are required can decrease patient compliance.

Nanoparticles present significant advantages over conventional free drug dosing [ 56 ]. The prepared matrix tablets were evaluated for hardness, weight variation, thickness, friability and drug content [ 19 ]. The encapsulated drug was calculated using.


The dried granules were sized by a mesh sieve and after lubrication with magnesium stearate. The percentage prediction error was calculated which helps in the validation of generated regression by using 8. Combining Eudragit with gum Copal and gum Damar sustained the drug release for more than 12 h.

Metformin hydrochloride is an orally administered biguanide, which is widely used in the management of type-II diabetes, eudagit common disease that combines defects of both insulin secretion and insulin action [ 1 ].

Time-controlled Drug release

Weight variation test was performed srpo to the official method [ 20 ]. All other chemicals used were of analytical grade and purchased from Sigma-Aldrich South Africa.

The reduced mathematical models for mean particle size, EE, average zeta potential, and PDI are presented by 4 to 7respectively. The solution eudrayit filtered through a 0.

Eudragit RSPO | Gum Copal | Gum Damar | Matrix Tablets | Release Kinetics

The tablets were prepared by wet granulation method. Hence, in the present work, an attempt has been made to formulate the extendedrelease matrix tablets of metformin HCl using hydrophilic polymer Eudragit RSPO alone or in combination with hydrophobic natural polymer, GC and GD to evaluate the in vitro release characteristics and to predict the release behavior.

Small mean particle size was observed in Figure 2 b when sonication time was increased. Various formulation and process variables such as amount of polymer, concentration of surfactant, amount of drug, stirring speed, stirring time, and temperature play a key role in determining the final physical and mechanical rpo of nanoparticles.

They were selected at their low, medium, and high levels with replicated centre points as shown in Table 1.

In order to confirm the predicted results, the predicted and experimental results were compared as shown in Table 8.