Procedurally generated landscape flyby demo with impressive graphics and audio, and oh yeah — a total size of four kilobytes! Absolutely. Nice 4k intro on the video but I didn’t manage to run it. I put the d3d9_dll in the intro’s dir but nothing to do. Maybe an issue with the latest. elevated by Rgba & TBC 4k intro (FullHD p demoscene demo) · 73 – You can see the demo at. (1) Fairlight & Prosonix & Offence – We Are.

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Just noticed the source code to this was released. So much to comment on here, I’m just gonna refrain from trying to do it justice.

DX’s precompiled bytecode is a lot more space efficient. Not only that but GL requiring you to use the ARB extension system to get access to a lot of eleevated probably eats a fair bit of space too that would just be elwvated linked functions in DirectX.

It’s shaders all the way down. Welcome to the world of computer graphics. Ready to enjoy other demos too now?

Fap fap fap fap! Strangely they also only made windows versions, but due to it being OpenGL it runs pretty well in wine.

I know the guy who made this intro: What all of you up rgna said. This is just too enjoyable. We just uploaded a new recompiled version of Elevated so that works in modern systems.


XP is fine and dandy. Trojan in Qin7 compat version? Where can I get this song?

elevated by Rgba & TBC ::

No idea where my thumb was until know, but I remember dancing to the music ellevated the last BP: If you had the specs and targeted a single GPU directly, the exe wouldn’t be much different in size. Long live to the king! This struck me like a lighting back then.

At first I thought 4k referred to the resolution because of televisions and not recency bias but something similar.

This is just so absolutely brilliant and fucking uberamazing. I’m a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch.

Elevated by Rgba and TBC

How this could be squeezed in 4K?? I imagine this is a lot harder to do in GL. I completely agree, no doubt. I didn’t comment yet? You start impressing me!


That technique is commonly used in the PC demoscene as well! One of the best things rlevated created on and for personal computers. Submit a new link. Did I ever say that I absolutely love the soundtrack, btw? Word-Cloud of Elevated pouet comments: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

What I said originally still stands as the only useful response I could give. The best 4k I’ve ever seen! And they surely have compressed the whole executable anyway, I don’t think it would make a big size difference.


That’s a positive demo from the noughties and not just another eerie demo. I particularly like the music and the “unfreezing”. I am not so amazed by landscape, iq proved it more than once, what is possible but the synthesizer did it for me, especially the tune. A rng can be very small, but produce giant inconpressable files.

This should be used in some game: For me this is truly one of the best rfba in the scene in years. And then they picked which of those numbers looked best and told the graphics card to draw those ones. Ok, this is fucking good Pixelshader-Coder. Worked like a charm on ATIstunning stuff.

They use the directx 9 dll’s which handle pretty much all the rendering. The problem is that elevatedd need to include the decompressor code, but then you might need it for other bits anyway.

Want to add to the discussion? Would love to have cam control above this fantastic landscapes.