: ARTE DE LA ESCRITURA DRAMATICA, EL. FUNDAMENTOS PARA LA INTERPRETA () by LAJOS EGRI and a great selection . Readers’ questions about El arte de la escritura dramática. by Lajos Egri I suspect that Egri would say that it was what the author thought the premise was. The art of dramatic writing Lajos Egri ( â ) How to write a play () Premise Romeo and Juliet = Great love defies even death King.

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I didn’t agree with him on what the premise was, and I can find at least two others implicit in the story. Formulate a premise and start your story at a crisis which will be the turning point in your main characters life.

Hungry people feel loyalty to no one. What do you care? Therefore, we are all looking for some kind of compensation. This is the essence, the bone structure of all writing. Capture the one that expresses your idea perfectly. This causes an effect, a response. Such retarded people are born, not made, although environment also plays a major part in their malformation.

Through the roofs and gables I can see them. Find out why they cant run away from each other in the middle of their struggle, formulate a premise, and you are ready to write your story. It is found only in bad writing! The Importance of Being Important All creative writing, from its very beginning, grows from the root of the importance of being important.


Good writers look for characters, because ideas grow as freely from characters as apples from apple trees.

Egri Magazin jnius Documents. Before jealousy, there is suspicion; before suspicion, antagonism the basis for growing hate. Subject Verb Object Greed leads to destruction Honesty defeats duplicity Character Conflict Resolution The first part of the premise should represent character: You might start gently to arouse emotion escrjtura the reader, but your success or failure will depend on whether you can sustain the rising emotion, which also corresponds with rising suspense.

Transition You must have transitions between poles.

The Art of Dramatic Writing: Constructing Character Lajos Egri.

Notes on Lajos Egris Art of Creative Writing Page 10 of 15 He is willing to give his life for his artw, which he loves more than anything. Notes on Lajos Egris Art of Creative Writing Page 5 of 15 The touchstone of great writing is to know your character and expose him from as many angles as possible.

The crisis is the turning point, a time when a change is imminent. When the last shimmering desire for sex is snuffed out, that man is as good as dead. Any story can start from orchestration.

Lajos Egri – Presentacion El Arte de La Escritura Dramatica

The third part should represent the resolution or goal of the story. He is the motivating power, the cause of conflict in your story.

Avoid static and jumping conflict at all costs. As the conflict in a story rises to meet each new crisis, climax, and resolution, you must keep building for the final crisis, climax, and resolution, which will be the sum total of all the preceding ones, proving the premise.


If you wanted to write a story about greed, you need to know what you want to say about greed, and what direction the story will go. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The combatants should be evenly matched. Because no character will expose himself without it.

If you were beaten by your parents growing up, your reactions would be different than someone who wasnt, right? There are many reasons, one stacked upon another, and then the last straw that dashes the person into utter hopelessness. What will he do to compensate, to make himself arye important and secure?

Lajos Egri – Presentacion El Arte de La Escritura Dramatica – [PDF Document]

Egri Kistrsg – Gagyi Tams Documents. He is ruthlessly militant to either change or maintain his status quo. In jumping conflict, the characters dramtkca from one emotional plane to another, eliminating the necessary transitional steps.

When contradictory characters are unified by a premise, you have orchestration.