EduSat. EduSat (Educational Satellite). EduSat is a cooperative nanosatellite project proposed and coordinated by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and funded . EDUSAT is the first Indian satellite built exclusively for serving the educational sector. It is mainly intended to meet the demand for an interactive. Educational Satellite (EDUSAT or GSAT-3) is a communications satellite launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation. EDUSAT is the first dedicated.

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EduSat digital mockup image credit: Spectacles of the past showcased by the best historic photography of Manned flights are indicated in bold text.

The documentation will be completed when available. Union of Concerned Scientists. About satellitw minutes after lift off, the satellite was successfully placed in GTO. As of September it remained operational. Inside Dubai’s Sustainable City.

In addition, a back-up S-band channel may be used with a downlink rates of The system, which is based on a new concept, is using a passive system for the deployment of the sail allowing more reliability the system works even when the satellite is defunct. The universalisation of education has become the top priority in India, especially for the developing countries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Metallic frustum of the pyramid onto which the solar cells are mounted image credit: The separated safellite stage was subsequently reoriented and passivated.

Functional configuration of the SPIV ground station image credit: It carries an experimental analogue sun sensor, a magnetometer and a temperature sensor.


This page was last edited on 3 November satfllite, at Molar Mic puts a wireless comms system inside the mouth. Art Deco on wheels: GSAT 20 22 23 On the 21st September, the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO successfully launched a rocket in to space carrying a kg satellite dedicated to the cause of education, ‘Edusat’.

Kerala has since demonstrated how Edusat could be used to successfully empower teachers. How fake news is being co-opted by governments around the world to suppress dissent.

India Launches Edusat Satellite.

Overpeople receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. Retrieved from ” https: The EduSat esusat selected an analog sun sensor design capable of detecting the attitude of the satellite with respect to the sun. The program involves courses edusah post-doc positions at several national universities.

Furthermore, a cylindrical shield protects the sun sensor from solar radiation coming from undesirable directions. The sun sensor payload was designed and developed by high school students of several high schools in Italy.

EduSAT – Wikipedia

There is a lack of adequate rural educational infrastructure and non-availability of good teachers in sufficient numbers which adversely affect the efforts made in education.

This article is about the Italian microsatellite. NiCd batteries are being used for energy storage. Rivian amps up adventure with mile all-electric pickup truck. The launch provider is ISC Kosmotras. The information compiled and edited in this article was provided by Herbert J.


For other uses, see Edusat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Satellites can establish connectivity between urban educational institutions and a large number of rural and semi-urban educational institutions to provide an educational infrastructure. Compare the latest tech gear. Union of Concerned Scientists. Want a cleaner, faster loading and ad free reading experience?

EDUSAT carries five K u band transponders providing spot beams, one K u band transponder providing a national beam and six extended C band transponders providing national coverage beams. The technology will bring world-class content to the classrooms of BBMP educational institutions for the students and teachers. This article needs to be updated. The orbit is slightly lower than the one of the DMC constellation. Thus, in spite of limited trained and skilled teachers, the aspirations of the growing student population at all levels can be met through the concept of tele-education.

GSat 3 (EduSat)

Largest ever continuous oil and gas resource found in the United States. Later, with the commissioning of INSAT system ina variety of educational programmes began telecast. The four solar cells are mounted on the four sides of a metallic frustum of a pyramid Figure 8.

Space laser communication system adapted for underwater satlelite. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Can Wi-Fi signals reveal hidden explosives?