by Minkyung Choi With Maya deformers, you can quickly build and animate deformed surfaces with a high level of control. Switch to the Modeling or the. Sep 28, Join George Maestri for an in-depth discussion in this video Understanding wrap deformers in Maya, part of Maya: Tips, Tricks & Techniques. Feb 11, Maya also brought us the GPU Override mode, which transformed how some of Maya’s built in deformers performed. But what about all.

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Delta Mush works with skinned IK joints. Remove invisible nCloth nodes that mess you up in Unity: Maya creates Lattices around the object and when you transform the influence lattice, the object inside it gets deformed.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Use the Rigging Module. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Finally, it enqueues the OpenCL kernel that will compute the deformation.

It is specifically designed to perform morphing tasks, and it has a separate slider editor. Tension T he Tension deformer simulates surface tension without squashing and stretching the surface too much. Previous Post Euler reluE. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Maya will not run a deformer on the GPU if it will have to copy the data back to the CPU for a downstream node, so any deformers upstream of an unsupported node are stuck running on the CPU.

The deformation occurs according to inn relative distance between the two wires. You can transpose them before you write them to the GPU buffer, or deflrmers them in the kernel. In OpenCL, you deformerx to do this long hand. Jiggle Think jello, this is not so effective, because it is difficult to control.


In this type of animation, a group set shapes such as may phonemes or facial expressions need to be readily accessible, editable and blendable. Wrap Use a low resolution object to manipulate a higher resolution object. Notify me of new comments via email. Dformers blend shape node is created and the target slider is an attribute of that node Prepare nCloth Shapes for Unity and Blend Make your nCloth simulation.

It also is a solid example of how to approach a deformer algorithm, and organize your data.

Here There Be (GPU) Deformers

You are commenting using your WordPress. In the product release demos, a rig went from 6 fps to 60 fps with the click of a button.

Switch to the Modeling or the Animation Module for these examples. It covers these concepts in more depth and detail.

You will need to be comfortable with the idea of flat arrays where each contiguous N elements represent a linear algebra type. Reformers can also access blend shape sliders in the Attribute Editor or through the channels in the Channel box. In all the examples I could find, including the official Autodesk examples, this was done with a member function of MPxGPUDeformer that looked like this:.

Wave – creates circular ripples on an object. Hierarchy to select the cluster. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Play it, stop and duplicate dfeormers you would like to blend between.

Blend shape is especially useful for facial animation. Lattice This allows you control the deformation of complicated objects with fewer control points than deforming object directly. It is not too difficult to do vector matrix multiplication. Obviously, the solution is to re-write your deformer to support the GPU Override.


Select the CVs or vertices you would like to group together. Your deformer data will need to be reduced down to primitive data types in order to be passed to the GPU. Every shrinkwrap deformation contains the the wrapper the object that is deformed and the target the object around which the wrapper is shrunk.

Finally, Maya deformers may involve matrix multiplication. You have to close and re-open Maya when you re-compile a plugin. You can scale, rotate or move the points in order to deform the object into various shapes. Flare – flares and tapers an object. Judging defkrmers some of the examples in the wild, it seems that some of the behaviors surrounding a GPU deformer changed between Maya and Maya Cluster Add a node to manipulate translate, rotate, scale for a group of component points as a group.

Another deforers I ran into was project structure. These may also be manipulated for various effects.

Here There Be (GPU) Deformers – Yantor3d

Unknown nodes Or if that did not work: As the distance between the two curves decreases, so does the intensity of the Wire deformation. Ddeformers – stretches and squashes an object. Do this before animating if you are making a blend shape for Unity. Email required Address never made public. Sine – curves an object into sine waves.

You may want to move, rotate or scale both elements together.