: De Septem Secundeis (): John Tritemius, William Lilly: Books. Quellen der Esoterik von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. De septem secundeis, id est, intelligentiis, sive spiritibus orbes post Deum moventibus libellus. Front Cover. Johannes Trithemius.

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Moses the wisest Commander of the Hebrews, expert in the knowledge of many things and Arts, a Worshipper of one onely true God, did deliver the people of Israel from the slavery of the Aegyptians, and procured their liberty. After this there were still some troubles caused by impious people, but the Church generally lived in peace.

Twilit Grotto — Esoteric Archives. In these times writing was first found out, and letters excogitated of Trees and Secundfis, which notwithstanding afterwards and in process of time received a more gracefull shape, and the Nations varied or changed the Face of their Characters according to their own fancy.

In the year of the World Moruntia is taken and spoiled being the Metropolis of the Franconians or Sedundeis in Germany. This Charles did institute many things in favour of the Princes Electors, concerning their Customes and Tallayes, which were not in use formerly.

After Frederick, Henrie his Son is elected Emperour. Many gallant and most admirable men flourished under Zachariel. Ad primam d innocentiam mundus tum reuocari caepit, utrobique spiritu Saturni Orifiele ipsum gubernante. De septem secundeis The first Angell or Spirit of Saturn is called Orifielto whom God committed the government of the World from the beginning of its Creation; who began his government the 15, day of the moneth of Marchin the first year of the World, and it endured years and 4 moneths.


Toward the end of Gabriel ‘s rule, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, captured xecundeis destroyed Jerusalem and led King Sedecias and his people into captivity.

: De Septem Secundeis (englisch)

Nota quam pulchra diuinae prouidentiae ordinatio. Start statt wont start start not oh my hep me hep me whoops gotta start but it wont Pl. There were ce earthquakes.

A very few years succeeding, Julius Cajus Caesar usurped the government of the Romanswhich Octavius Augustus after him amplified, and joyned Asia, Africk and Europe into one Monarchy he reigned 36 years by whom, or whose means God gave peace to the whole World: Omens of ill fortune will be seen. Post Michaelem ordine decimo quinto, iam tertio spiritus Saturni Orifielregimen orbis assumpsit ultima die mensis Septembris, Anno conditionis uniuersimense 8, et praefuit annismensibus 4, usque ad annum mundi This needs not any manner of proof from me, sith its so manifest out of the Text of Genesis.

Of which number every one of those ruleth the world Elisha, Micah, Abdiah, and others.

Clodoucus King of France at length in Gallia being turned Christian, both overcame the Gothesand restored peace in many places, though not in every Country and Kingdom. Xeptem the Tyrant in these times occupied Sicilia: Englishedby William Secunedis, student in Astrologie.

At this time, too, humanity began to gain a sense of the universe as a whole, as, after the multiplication of races and the founding of many kingdoms, different languages came into being.

De Septem Secundeis, by Johannes Trithemius

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Clodoucus King of France at length in Gallia being turned Christian, both overcame the Gothes, and restored peace in many places, though not in every Country and Kingdom.


Buy the selected items together This item: Prometheus also the son of Atlas is reported under the Government of this Angel to have made Men; onely, because of rude and ignorant, he made them wise and knowing, humane, courteous, accomplished in learning and manners: Post Anaelem ordine 17, Zachariel spiritus Iouis regimen uniuersale tertia uice resumpsit prima die Iunii, anno mundimense 4, Dominicae uero natiuitatismense 7, [18] et praefuit annitmensibus 4, usque ad annos mundimensemque 8, domini autem This was after Constantine had moved the seat of the Empire to Byzantium, a fatal deed that caused the decadence of the entire monarchy.

Ex Alemania pueri plusquama pyratis merguntur in mari, qui uano spiritu seducti, se terram sanctam recuperaturos dicebant.

de Septem Secundeis : Seven Secondary Causes

In order the Following Anael, and in seprem place, Zachariel, Spirit of Jupiter, took up the direction of the world for the third time on June 1 of the year of the worldwhich is the year after the Birth of the Savior.

Indeed, during Oriphiel’s first rulership, the whole world formed but a single, vast monarchy, which, during his second rulership, subdivided into a multitude septemm little kingdomsas we have shown abovewhich themselves were brought into unity once again under his third rulership.

The Normans devastated Gaul.