Studio 3 User Guide Wireframes and Wireframing Functions An overview of Studio 3 Introductory Tutorial (Help | Tutorials | Introductory Tutorial) Studio 3 Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. (Datamine) Studio3. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections: 1. Getting Started: In this section you will learn. Page 3 Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base tool is available for manual image registration.

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If this is the case, select View Customization Toolbars Visualizer to enable it. Solid Hull Wireframes Boolean Operations Solid Hull The easiest way of visualizing the effect and results of this command is via a simple example. Settings are applied to all wireframes in memory.


Each time any object is loaded into the Design window providing it contains geometric informationa default overlay is created. A minimum of one boundary string is necessary for this command to be tuhorial. Points duplicated within a tolerance are removed. In this mode, both Split and Multiple Split commands are identical. Note that if verification has been selected, the process will take longer the extent of this effect is dependent on the resolution and state of both wireframe objects.

The triangles are formed to best maintain their proportional position along the two strings. Dafamine options are defined in the Studio 3 main Project Settings dialog, accessed using the File Settings menu command.

This process combines the files correctly, and renumbers the PID numbers so that the output wireframe files may be subsequently processed. As an example, the original topographical wireframe surface shown in the table that follows contains a total of faces triangles in its raw form, straight from survey data. The dialogs do have an Open checkbox which stduio be checked if the wireframe is open. This is done with the Update Visualizer Objects icon the first icon on the left in the toolbar image above.


Unless the Open check box is selected the command will attempt to close an open wireframe before the Boolean operation is executed. Progress bars are displayed daamine each individual object created so you will be able to see which particular stage the command has reached.

Although not set as the default string linking criteria, it will always be the fastest because no optimisation is involved. You can report on a zone-by-zone basis whereby several statistics are output including the minimum and maximum coordinates in a particular direction, the projected vertical area, number of triangles, the volume above a particular zone limit etc.

An error trace file containing a dump of data may be produced to help locate bad data. You can also select a wireframe object prior to running a command — according to your wireframe data selection settings. External boundaries will restrict tessellation to within the perimeter while internal boundaries will restrict tessellation to outside the perimeter.

These values are important, particularly with regard to how you specify that wireframe data is to be selected using the Wireframe Settings dialog, as shown in Chapter 4. The optimized method frequently allows even highly complex strings to be linked automatically without point tagging; tutroial, tagging is also provided for greater control over linking.

Datamine resource modelling software delivers robust geological models for studi and small mines across the full range of commodities and deposit types. The following table lists all of the data columns that are included in a wireframe data file and when the file is loaded, the resulting data object. Note that in this example, the red area is shown to demonstrate the overlapping area wtudio the two objects.

Expand this tree until you see the overlays for object 1 and 2 and clear the check boxes next to those descriptions. Where found, a new object is created containing strings made up from the open edges. The first step in visualizing wireframes is normally to load the wireframe data into the Visualizer window.

Select Wireframes that a boolean is still possible even if the closed line ‘hangs Plane Operations over’ one or more edges of the wireframe Split by String. The dataminee outlined in the image on the right will be discussed in detail in this section.



All process dialogs have a Help button that can be used to find out more information on the parameters that are associated with the command in question. Wireframe Decimation Guidelines The following guidelines are useful to remember when attempting to reduce wireframe data with the decimation routines in Studio 3: Once the initial criterion has been defined, you can specify the key coordinates of your intersection plane; using XC, YC and ZC parameters, with Azimuth and Dip for option 1, the start and end locations of the section in 3 directions for option 2, or the corner points using a single Z elevation value.

However, the underlying data of the generated object will contain additional data in the GROUP column to represent which of the original wireframe object the triangle was derived from and in the SURFACE column to contain a number from that represented the extracted, separated surface to which the current data row i. This might take the form of point surveys or contour strings depending on the source of the data. Decimating Wireframes Wireframe decimation reduces the amount of data in a wireframe by reducing the number of edge and wireframe faces according to selected and definable criteria.

This example will compare start and end of mine-life scenarios using a simple low-resolution data set. The command is completed by clicking Cancel. Specify these six mandatory fields and click OK to create the new project file.

adtamine General procedures are available for future reference. See your online Help for more information on how to do this.

If present, this command will honour any previously defined tag strings. Solid wireframes can be used to represent a 3D volume, such as: