You can add or change information about an existing representative through My Account at or by completing a new Form T When electronically submitting Form T for processing, there will be a 4 day delay to gain access to your clients’ accounts via CRA’s online. The T form, Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative is used to authorize a representative to access a taxpayer?s tax information through the CRA.

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EFILE service providers are able to electronically submit T forms to authorize registered representatives only; therefore for security purposes, the CRA will not accept electronically submitted authorizations for non-registered representatives. What crra a legal representative? Electronic or digital signatures that are obtained through the use of signature software, as well as the use of signature labels or stamps, are not acceptable on Form T Instruct your client not to submit the form unless we ask for it.

T1013 Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative

The files will be processed in real time, meaning that the response will be almost instantaneous. Form T must be kept for six years following the date that the form was sent.

Login error when trying to access an account e. Read the attached information sheet for tax centre addresses.

Please select all that apply: Failure to provide this information may result in your request not being accepted. Information is outdated or t113.

Your representative will have access to all tax years online.

Otherwise, enter your trust account number or T5 filer identification number. For a list of available services, go to cra. Where do you send your completed form? Enter an expiry date, if applicable. It is your responsibility to monitor and understand the transactions your representative completes on your behalf, and to make sure that the information for your representative is current.

  ASTM D4268 PDF

The electronic form must be received by the CRA within six months of its signature date. The CRA will process completed forms only. The form s may be submitted in batches from one to thirty and the filing option is available year round.

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Authorizing a representative When you authorize a representative, you are letting that person represent you for income tax matters at the level of authorization you specify, for the tax year or years you indicate.

Complete a separate Form T for each account Part 1 and representative Part 2. Enter your account number and your name. You can view, add, modify, or cancel your authorized representatives online using My Account at canada.

Electronic submission of Form T remains the fastest and most effective means of transmitting third party authorizations to the CRA. Part 1 – Taxpayer information Enter your account number and your name. If you have a “care of” address on your account, we will send you a letter asking you to call the CRA to authorize the online access.

For more information about Represent a Clientor to register with the service, go to https: We will periodically monitor Form T and will ask you for completed copies. Part 5 – Signature and date To protect your confidential tax informationwe will not accept or act on any information given on this form unless you or a legal representative has signed and dated this form. The results can be viewed from the Results log or from within the client’s file.

Retention of documents As required by subsection To view all the T e-submission error messages click here.

T Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative –

You or your y1013 representative must complete and sign t11013 form. As required by subsection However, you must complete a separate Form T for each account and representative. The form is year specific and only the current year version is acceptable. Trustee in Bankruptcy or Legal Representative before the return is electronically transmitted.


Written permission is required for you or your client to destroy Form T before the six-year period is up. If a power of attorney exists, this must be retained with the T form for at least six years following the crra the return was electronically filed. You can cancel your representative s using My Account at cra. Section B – Authorize access by telephone, in person, and in writing no online access By completing Section B, you are authorizing your representative to deal with the CRA only by telephonein personand in writing.

To immediately cancel a representative, call us at I can’t find what I’m looking for. Name of taxpayer, legal representative s or corporate officer s. You can view your transactions using My Account. Efile service providers will be able to electronically submit Form T to authorize registered representatives only. After we confirm your representative’s identity and that he or she is listed as your representative on your account, we will ask for specific information relating to: It may also be used for any purpose related to the administration or enforcement of the Act such as audit, compliance and the payment of debts owed to the Crown.

Your reprensentative can also immediately cancel their own authorization using Represent a client at cra. Note If you do not specify a level of authorization, we will assign level 1.

Authorize access by telephone and in writing no online access.