AN AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION POPULAR PAPERBACK FOR YOUNG ADULTS! Now a major motion picture! Melodramatic, yet lovable Lola vies with. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Dyan Sheldon, Author Candlewick Press (MA) $ (p) ISBN Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and millions of other books are available . Dyan Sheldon is the author of many books for young people, including My.

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Confexsions than One Way to be a Girl is a beautiful read about ultimately being true to yourself and showing that every girl deserves the same respect, whatever she dresses or acts like. I could see the agent nervously twisting the gold ring on his right hand as he tried to come up with some scheme that would keep them in bespoke suits and expensive cars.

Which makes this something of a cautionary tale.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen by Dyan Sheldon | Scholastic

Mike thinks Bill is her destiny. Nicola Yoon 2-Book Bundle: Copyright – Dyan Sheldon. His name is Bill. Carla and Lola become enemies nearly right away, and soon, it becomes a quest ternage who will come out on top at Deadwood High.

I was in high school when I read it, so I know I enjoyed it. And then it happens. Me is nothing compares to her. Lola, is accustomed to playing the starring role in the fascinating production that is her life. But soon, Lola befriends perfectionist Ella Gerard, and together, they take the world by storm.

What qqueen it mean to be a girl? She is, teenge the title already alludes, a drama queen who loves theater and thinks she will be the next big star, she is pretentious and quite honestly a pathological liar, she believes she feels deeper than everybody else and that she has a soulmate-connection to the singer of her favorite band.


I must admit, this was a lovely quick read. American by birth, she lives in North London. Lola might not be a character you like, but you definitely teenave for her.

Lola, interpreting this as revenge for snagging the lead role in the school’s local play, hatches a plan to go to the concert and party as well. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

So the girl in this book is actually named Mary Elizabeth, but she preferred to be called and asked everyone to call her as Lola. And that’s why I was interested to read this book. Lola’s more reserved friends that she drags along on her madcap schemes are easy to identify with and her family, confessionss she finds very pedestrian are also very real.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mar 07, Emmatran rated it really liked it.

Why was she out in the rain? Read in middle school. She talks to him. But even though Lola describes her as quite a pushover at the beginning, Ella might have the most character development of anybody in this book.

Also, the author had a very juvenile writing style and the editing was horrendous. One was the agent and the other the manager of a phenomenally successful teen actor. And then I saw a dog come charging out of the woods.

I could hear the men talking. Sheldon manages to provide a satisfying ending for the story without having her heroines have the typical perfect lives of many novels.

Jenny, meanwhile, finds herself part of a group of oddballs nicknamed the Martians. You can read a review of My Worst Best Friend at chicklish. When she got pregnant she thought her wishes were about to come true at last. I wondered why, with more options open to them than there used to be, a girl would go straight to motherhood. But behind its girly cover, her new novel, More than One Way to be a Girlattempts dyyan turn such gender stereotypes on their head… a brilliant ear for teenage diction… comic yet convincing characters… Here, qkeen in her other novels, dyzn skill lies in her ability to inhabit the teenage perspective, and to satirise without sneering… The suspense over whether our heroines will permanently change their spots makes this candy-coloured book a surprisingly gripping read.


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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

I can’t remember if I read this before or after seeing the Lindsay Lohan movie, but I know I had a rollicking good time with both. The entire quest to meet them dragged on throughout the whole book. All in all, Carla is the type of villain who you just hate. Zizi thinks she knows the answers to all those questions; Loretta knows that she does. Lying makes everything more complicated. That Inevitable Victorian Thing. Short Stories Like a lot of writers, I imagine, I started out writing short stories.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In order to become Queen Bee she must contend with Carla Santini, the school’s most popular girl, who has no intention of vacating her place in school society.

Mar 23, Minutes Young Adult Buy. Endlessly entertaining and inspirational, this radiantly witty novel imparts important messages about gender stereotypes with heartfelt humour. For one thing, I disliked how ddyan protagonist lied over the stupidest things just for the heck of it. Just how far is a girl prepared to go?