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Edit Storyline After a lecture where a poem is read out to a group of bored students, cyarles alcoholic and sex addicted poet, Charles Serking, meets a young girl backstage. All that romanticizing of depravity just seems like an attempt to excuse his misogyny, laziness, alcoholism, cruelty and vulgarity.

Tales of Ordinary Madness it: Dillinger Is Dead An extraordinary movie with an utterly brilliant performance from Ben Gazzara.

Storie di Ordinaria Follia (Tales of Ordinary Madness) () – Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, this would never be a blockbuster Girl on beach Hope Cameron While some of the sex scenes here have an undeniable raw force, calling this “a good movie” would be going too far indeed. The film reaches a turning storiq when Charles meets Cass Ornella Mutia prostitute as self-destructive as she is beautiful, and slowly begins to fall in love with her.

Serking gives in to the temptation of the big bucks, but soon realises his mistake and returns to L. It should come as no surprise then that Ferreri’s adaptation of Bukowski’s stooria, Ejaculation, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness” is every bit as unflinching and honest as its source material. My Top 20 by Year – It’s the underbelly and grimness of life that too often goes unrecognized.


That does not stop him from chasing after Vera Susan Tyrrell which later causes him to spend a night in jail, although not for the reason you are thinking. I suppose I am prejudiced in evaluating dk movie. Apart from the fact that du were both Italians, both of them with similar names, lived in the same period, both were concerned about the same themes, obsessed with what THE WOMAN means for the sensible, usually, intellectual man.

The story about a couple who do not want to have children of their own, and a pregnant, single woman who needs a home for a while, the relationship between the three protagonists charlees strange, at the very least.

Ben Gazzara as Charles. I’m surprised that some reviewers feel that the leads were miscast. Or if acknowledged, you numb it with alcohol; you engage in self-destructive behaviours; you mask it with eroticism; you chqrles a whore of an angel; you write.

Storie di ordinaria follia. Erezioni, eiaculazioni, esibizioni. Ediz. speciale

All is not well in the land of dreams and this film puts its glaring spotlight on it. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. But then, comes redemption and a new beginning, with a new angel His bedmates are a midget, a string of seedy whores, and various earthy L.

When I was a teenager, I was in love with Ornella Muti. True fans of Charles Bukowski would see-thru this film, and would best look elsewhere, or bujowski yet just re-read one of his books.

A young couple argue about having a child in the days after a global plague wipes storka most of Earth’s population. Already have an account? The Decline of the West Oswald Spengler.

He gives an utterly brilliant performance, his best along with ‘The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie’, another love-it-or-hate-it movie. Very close, in many ways, to Fellini. As for reality, I am sure that the Buk was pretty much drunk all the time and wasted lots of time with dirty women but that was his business.


The worst, which can be said with considerably more accuracy, is that Mr. Overall, Tales of Ordinary Madness is a film that is well worth seeking for the cult fanatic and I can recommend it. Dimitris Springer Super Reviewer.

Was this review helpful? Beyond Belief Elaine Pagels. My vote is seven.

Tales of Ordinary Madness – Wikipedia

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I would defy anyone who has seen this movie to forget it, whether they liked it or not.

No wonder Bukowski hated this, the guy who plays him is a joke. Self indulgent, rarely without a bottle in his hand, but also burnt out by life, Serking wears his pain on his sleeve. There is a very beautiful Italian actress Ornella Muti in this picture who plays the main love interest.

MartinTeller 12 January Devastated he hits the bottle in a nightmarish drinking bout, but finally reaches catharsis and returns to the seaside guesthouse where he spent his happiest moments with Cass.

More Top Movies Trailers. The Kids Are Alright. Add the first question. But if you wanna try to have an open mind and realize that life is NOT beautiful, you vukowski try and take a look.

A man decides to cook for himself, but finds the revolver of John Dillinger hidden in his kitchen instead.