A novel of finely articulated tragic power Little short of a work of genius.”— The New York Times Book Review Asher Lev. Potok, Chaim: Book My Name Is Asher Lev by C Potok revd by G Davenport. My Name is Asher Lev is a novel by Chaim Potok that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in My Name is Asher Lev and in-depth.

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Visit the Best Christian Books website to see which books made our list, read the potokk notes and add your own comments. Asher says this of painting: Please try again later. With him, he learns to distinguish between working with true artistic integrity, and simply following the fashion, or doing what will sell. View all 4 comments. I found myself relating many times to things that Asher would say or think.

He believes in creating balance between inner emotions and true identity.

Asher is a loner with artistic inclinations. Let people see the pain. He is extremely firm, and usually so in a demeaning manner.

The book title itself signals Asher’s issue with self-identity. He then sees Asher’s paintings of the crucifix and nudes and is furious. The beginning of my review is all the funnier to me, because I had already written that part in my mind but before writing it here, my brother wrote the comment you can see below.

What I enjoyed most was riding shotgun with a boy who begins as a prodigy and ends as an artist. Though it started slow for me, sputtering out of the gate with 3 stars, it soon picked up speed and crossed the finish line with 5 stars – not because the story was racing, but because my mind was. As his study of art grows he begins to the see the world in terms of lines, contours, planes, and colors.


Consider one significant example. Just as they were oppressed and punished for their beliefs, Asher is negatively viewed by his father, his teachers, and his peers.

My Name Is Asher Lev – Wikipedia

Asher Lev was the narrator and we experienced the story through Asher Lev. I cannot find the words to explain the appeal of this book.

Asher absolutely refuses to go to Vienna with his parents, and, furthermore, prevails on his mother to stay with him in New York rather than support her husband in Europe. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. But I paint a painting, not a story. As he travels Europe he sees all the good his frequently absent father brought to many Jewish communities.

Asher, his Hasidic Jewish family and life, his art, his youth, his sadness.

Books like this are wasted on the young. As a reader I became more and more emotionally asuer with Asher. I found it to be emotionally resonating and sympathetic. Intriso di religione fino al midollo, in modo quasi soffocante e inconcepibile per me, ma giustissimo per il libro in questione. Throughou Chaim Potok is a brilliant author who refuses to write a page-turning book. After reading Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited as a teenager, he decided to become a writer.

Sarah The c-h of Chaim is pronounced with a guttural Hebrew chet. He also… More about Chaim Potok. I got the general meaning of most things from context, ny I still have a long list of terms, phrases and actions to look up and better understand. Like what exactly does Ladover mean? Deeply committed to his work for the Rebbe, he travels throughout Europe building yeshivas and saving Jews from Russian persecution. Whose myy of view matters? Overall, however, it was an excellent book, and I intend to read The Ashef of Asher Lev in the future.


Inspired by Your Browsing History. After receiving a master’s degree in English literature, Potok enlisted with the U.

High or High School, and I know it meant nothing to me then. And yet a loving mother and a wise leader give him iw enough space that he is able to become a master at a young age.

Police drug seizures help church. All the recommendations were given at different times and curiously still,from people unrelated to each other – which held the title of the book in my memory for a long time as something of significance, especially in the way that they told me it especially for me.

Welcome to the Church Times

So, with that little sidenote, let me tell you what I thought of the book. He was appointed director of Leaders Training Fellowship, a youth organization affiliated with Conservative Judaism. Sufficed to say there was an expectation that Asher would continue this relationship, studying the Torah and working for the greater benefit of Jews worldwide by assisting the Rebbe.