From the CATIA help documentation: “The Wireframe and Surface workbench allows you to create wireframe construction elements during. This Tutorial contains videos for wireframe and surface design with videos if you have the all types of sweep surface tutorial of will be the full tutorial of sweep in wireframe and surface design catia v5??.

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When creating solid features, all faces of the feature must be defined in one step. Hide the following elements: Hide the OriginalSurfaces geometrical set. Click to view the tangency references.

Course Descriptions

Click here to sign up. Rename the Join as [Surface Join]. General Steps Use the following general steps to create a model from surface features: Figure 1—20 The part updates to exclude any surface or reference geometry that is completely outside of the bounding box, as shown survace Figure 1— Double-click on this curve Figure 1—34 3.

With Groups, insignificant construction or reference elements can be hidden in the specification tree. Rename the completed project as [Projected Door Curve]. Dezign 1—1 The Wireframe and Surface Design workbench has basic wireframe and surfacing capabilities.

CATIA – Wireframe & Surface

Hybrid Models can be defined by combining the boundary and slab surface methods. Select this handle Figure 1—75 3. Features can be removed from the group by right-clicking on the group node and selecting Edit Group.


This is because Point. Stockholm, 30 January – 31 January. Product Key Customer Benefits. Click Spline and select the two Extremum points that have been shown.

CATIA V5 Wireframe & Surface Design

Use Thick Surface to create a 2mm thick solid from Join. Help to design advanced shapes that are based on a combination of wireframe and extensive multiple surfaces.

If a Considerations plane is used as a Tangents Dir reference, the curve is normal to the selected plane at that end. In order to assure a high level of quality training, the number of participants per session is restricted.

Advanced Surface Design 5. Ensure that the two reference planes are visible in the model, as shown in Figure 1— Save the model and close the file. Create an offset surface using the following specifications: Define Tangent as the continuity type. The primary difference is that the toolbar options change Interface to GSD-specific tools, as shown in Figure 1—2. Wheel Front Split Figure 1—62 9. Click to surrace the creation of the group.

The box has six sides, each of which has a green dot. The FreeStyle capability is improved with the addition of wireframe function. These methods are applicable to the creation of surface features, which include the following: No part of this desibn may be reproduced in any form by any photographic, electronic, mechanical or other means or used in any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of ASCENT, a division of RAND Worldwide, Inc.


Design in context allows concurrent work with user control of associativity. Groups Groups enable you to control the display of features within the specification tree and can be used as a filter.

Design The visible geometry can be referred to as a curve network.

Gothenburg, desing February – 6 February. Renaming features and geometrical sets also makes updating and investigating a model easier. It will enable you to engage in a lean way of working with the tool. Flexible post-design 3D parameterization can be performed during the creation of a feature or after the design is completed, by adding 3D constraints to the features.

Advanced Surface Design The model display updates as shown in Figure 1— Click Mask in the Tools toolbar, as shown in Figure 1— DURING 3 days of classroom training either face to ctia or remote, where the focus will be to learn the tool by exercises that will gradually increase in complexity. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Figure 1—72 Task 2 – Create a mask.