At first glance to Carol Berkin’s a Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution I felt uneasy. I predicted it was going to be reading a short “textbook”. Berkin describes the making of the U.S. Constitution. A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution. Author: Carol Berkin. Harcourt, Inc., Read “A Brilliant Solution Inventing the American Constitution” by Carol Berkin with Rakuten Kobo. We know–and love–the story of the American Revolution.

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Barton No preview available – New England fishermen had won the right to fish off Newfoundland, but they had lost their guaranteed Soultion Caribbean markets for their catch. Motivated by a strong sense of missed opportunity to debate the necessity of the Electoral College after the contested election, she wanted to explain to the more general berikn the pragmatic way in which the members of the Constitutional Convention went about finding a Brilliant Solution to the challenges posed by the task of institutionalizing representative government.

The eventual document beroin a compromise among partisans, largely foisted on the country as a whole through some sharp manoeuvring. Instead they chose the “electoral college.

However, the only thing that I have learned is about class and equality. Pennsylvania lawyer John Dickinson was called upon to produce the first draft of the document, but the conservative Dickinson”s inclination toward a strong central government did not sit well with his fellow Revolutionaries.

An independent American merchant marine was free to carry American products to the ports of their choosing, but they no longer enjoyed the protection of the British navy on the high seas. Carol Berkins soltuion puts on the enthusiastic vibe to learning the history of the American Constitution.

I learned two caorl first that it is a process to actually make a new government and it causes people to rethink their role in that nation second you have to believe in what you are fighting for.


A BRILLIANT SOLUTION by Carol Berkin | Kirkus Reviews

They were rewarded with the convention’s creation of the Senate, a body supposedly of extraordinarily wise men, two from each state.

Inventing the American Constitutionauthor Carol Berkin recalls the period following the end of the Revolutionary War when the Articles of Confederation were in force as the governing code for the new United States.

In that time, the federal government was not what it could be, not what it should be, and not what it would become. Informative, but so, so boring.

Although it was sort of interesting I started to carok bored around the same time that the delgates did. Ironically, I finished reading this on the day of Trump’s inaugural. Schisms Threats and Compromises. For the sake of a balance of power they decided to give the chief executive the power to veto legislation — as soution Europeans had offered to their constitutional monarchs. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points!

Farther north peace, not war, had dealt the crushing blow to New England”s economy. Although to them it seemed that these ideas would help them break away from the British style of government, in reality they reverted to one that was much more centralized, much like that of England’s.

I would recommend this book to those U. Tired of being victimized, Connecticut and New Jersey were rumored to be planning a joint assault solutlon New York.


Experiences down the road — the doings of human beings — were to be incorporated into the constitution in the form of amendments.

Jun 29, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: She also portrays the deep disagreements between Madison’s Federalists and the states’ rights advocates, such as George Mason and Edmund Randolph of Virginia, both of whom refused to sign the Constitution and swore to fight against its ratification in their state.

I hated reading this book. All of these reasons were easily shot down by ber,in, logical arguments, and again I must ask why anyone would say a new government would be a bad idea at this time.


I would also recommend this book to anybody who is interested in getting a better perception on how the constitution was drafted.

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution

Now that farming had resumed in every state, New Englanders were scrambling to meet mortgage payments for land they had cleared and planted during the Revolution. Women in Colonial America wonderfully reveals the conflicts and compromises that characterized the drafting of the Constitution. Feb 24, Katie rated it liked it. Sometimes it’s boring, but most books I’ve had to read for school are. More By and About This Author.

And settlers faced no barriers to westward migration, but they could no longer rely on a well-trained and well-equipped army when Indians attacked. But fears arose that the Senate and the House of Representatives might have too much power. In the aftermath of the Revolution, real political power resided in these state governments. If I was able to, I would have stopped reading it but I needed to know everything from this book in order to do well on my history test.

This was an attempt to work a nuts and bolts compromise — something between the concerns of those adamant in their support for states rights and those more in favor of centralized power.

Mar 28, Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: Selected pages Title Page. Two stars rather than one simply because there is some decent information buried amidst all the verbiage.

It is worth reading no matter how much you know about what happened.