See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia. Help for Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia on PlayStation 2. More help, hints . Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia – Walkthrough/guide. _ _____ _ _ / \ _ __ |_ _|__ _ __ ___| (_) ___ ___ / _ \ | ‘__| | |/ _ \| ‘_ \ / _ \ | |/ __/ _ \ / ___. As for this FAQ/Walkthrough, it’s based on the Japanese version of “Ar Tonelico: Sekai No Owari De Shi Tsudzukeru Shoujo” that is released on.

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Melody of Elemia Walkthroughs. After doing that, go back into the previous room and all the way south until you bump into the wall.

Walkthroughs and guides for Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia

Continue west and then turn and go north. Jack will also join the party. For the left section, one door that requires Blaze Bullet that leads to an item and one door requires Thunder Bullet but you need Misya. Head for Hoshinose Ave.

After it, before going to the Silvaplate, make your way back to the Hexagonal Plate and go to the room where you encountered Bourd. Go ahead and do a little shopping if you want. Cursye will leave the party. If you strateby do all 5 Levels, then you have then choice for the Syureria Ending. Now there’s so many options and better healing song magic that I need to try them all out in different combinations.

Slowly take them out one tonnelico one. One of them is the Blaze Bullet which you can also use on the field. After, move on at the middle. You should be able to complete Levels 8 and 9 now, with you landing the Lilim outfit for Aurica.


Clear cards before time’s up! A scene will occur then. Asides from the shiny spots you see, you can also get more by using specific outfits of the RT, using Song Magic, Glass Melk Now go a bit west of where you fought Ayatane and pick up the Relaxation srategy.

Walkthroughs for Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia

From there, go east and south and then west to find two chests that has a Master Grade and Lots of MP in them. There is also a chair here that can lead to another item. Moving on to the next area. Go back to move on, another item and save your game. Take the nearby split and head to the next area. Meltan, Newest Mythical Pokemon. Continue on, go left a bit to Thunder Bullet the symbol then you can get 1 more item by the right door.

If you check out the Rest option, the Inn Talk System will be opened.

Check the shiny point for more Talk Master. Exit out and for the hidden path, it’s at the most upper right corner which is just about directly north of the entrance of this second area.

At the Inn, there is another shiny spot for more Talk Master. Talk with the female behind the stand on the left for a scene. A Wonderful Life Special Edit. Before heading back to Nemo, go check out Karl Village.


Enter it from the World Map. Exit stragegy and head to the Star Street. Press Square to use it and the wall will be destroyed.

With decent weapons and armors, along with the RT using magic like Serious Q to reduce damage, you can defeat him easily.

Rest for more Talk with Syureria. Continue up for another, then continue up all the way for more scene. Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats, tips, strategy Gods’ Quest: Then you can go back and to the right. It allows you to insert crystals onto the magic. After it, make your way back to Firefly Alley.

After you’ve reached the Observatory, and your ready to start climbing, be wary, there are a lot of tough opponents here. You may think Straategy keeps recovering herself to full, but she actually has 3 parts that you need to take down.

If that 48 hours were strategj into 30 minute sessions, how much time did you really get out of it? You will get more item and recipe card.

Head to the Fena Gate for a shiny spot. Instead of going back this time, go north and grab the nearby chest for a Lots of HP. Guire you’ve saved your game before this, then you can check out the first option.