Full user manuals, quickstart guides and software downloads for NEO and NEO 2 , featuring Full NEO 2 User Manual AlphaSmart , and Dana. Types of Tips in This Manual. .. Manually Adding Students in NEO Manager. Open the AlphaSmart folder, then the AlphaSmart Manager 2 folder. 3. Windows or XP: click Start>Control Panel>System> Hardware tab, then the . Command key and the left arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. • File 1 = 6 pages in length. AlphaSmart Basic (Macintosh) Instructions.

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Privacy At Renaissance, we take data and your privacy seriously. International Character Support The current state of the shift, option, command, control, and caps lock keys are shown in the lower right of the AlphaSmart screen.

Thanks for the help David, but I think I want to try something cheaper if I can just make it myself with a couple of wires. Have you tried opening the word processor, placing the cursor where you want the text to go, and then just plugging in the AS, ignoring the “not recognized” part and hitting “send” anyway?

During this period, if a defect should occur, Intelligent Peripheral Devices will, at its option, repair or replace the AlphaSmart at no charge to you, provided that it is returned during the warranty period to Intelligent Peripheral Devices or one of its autho- rized dealers.

Choose a work area that can accommodate your AlphaSmart and any additional materials.


Please be aware that there may be a risk of physical injury due to improper use of your AlphaSmart Mannual exactly is the cord I’m looking for called? See also page 30 for a list of insertion commands for international.


If you want to abort a file transfer, just press any other key. It would save me a lot of money. Help us to fulfil our mission of accelerating learning for all. Hi BradyDale, On p.

I’ve searched ebay and stuff, but I want to make sure that I don’t pay more than I need to. I wonder if I can take the batteries out and just put regular AA’s in, but it sort of looks like the things that connect those have been maanual out.

See Installing the Mac Y Cable for more information. Page 24 Send key. Any ideas on how to fix this? Press esc to exit. It’s messed up that you have mamual pay more for a cord than the actual unit. Edited by Luke Kramer member 11 years ago. Nadaklan, virtually the only contribution to this thread I can offer is to welcome you to the group, and bring this topic back to the top.

Alphasmart AS 2000 User Manual

This version includes the firmware update System 3. Sending Text To A Pc 1. We are currently recruiting for the following positions: And, for strict text transfer from a to the computer, you don’t need software. Open your word processor, place the cursor at the right spot, then plug in the AS and then hit “send. I tried out using the direct USB port and not the hub, but still didn’t work.

This manual also for: Classic is a registered trademark licensed. If you wish to update your NEO firmware please use the following guide: It works very well with an interactive whiteboard.

User manuals and software downloads for NEO 2

What kind of drivers would I need? Total cost was about six bucks and worked like a charm. All for about six dollars of cables and nothing else. Or do I need to find a charging cable?


Alphasmart 2000 Manuals

I should have bought another, sold that on ebay and used the profit to buy the cord. The keyboard cable supplies power to run the AlphaSmart while attached. For assistance with alphasmmart the right software or support with setting up, please contact UK Support on or email to support renlearn. We believe everyone can be a successful learner. They’re all over eBay. It is a vital download if you want to make the wireless majual of NEO 2 work, including Accelerated Reader compatibility.

Macintosh, it is recharging the battery pack. For example, you could press Option- -S individually in order instead of as a group to get to the AlphaSmart Trans- fer Speed menu. Page 34 Positioning of the AlphaSmart The AlphaSmart should be located in front of you and at a comfortable distance so that your arms and hands are resting in a relaxed and ready position at your sides.

Information is power around these parts. Have you tried plugging it in and then powering up your computer? Wanted to let some other people buy them though. Positioning of the AlphaSmart The AlphaSmart should be located in front of you and at a comfortable distance so that your arms and hands are resting in a relaxed and ready position at your sides.

The Renaissance Learning Knowledge Base addresses your problem here: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Caps Lock on and off.

Stack your AlphaSmart s on edge or make sure they are stacked vertically and not offset. Click below to view our Privacy Notice.