ALESIS D4 Reference Manual CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 51 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis D4 Drum Sound. At Alesis, while our products range from keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, iPod recording and playback devices, electronic drums, mixers, signal . Get free software by registering your Alesis products.

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You’re severely restricted on programming, but there are so many sounds that aalesis should always be able to find something to fit the bill. The cursor will be under the Drum Set to be recalled. Press the Voice button.

Alesis D4 Manuals

Your warranty will be in effect and you will receive product update dmm4 only if you send in your warranty card. Pan the kick full left and the snare full right.

There are four options: The default is Program Changes call up Drum Sets ; so do Program Changes,04, and 1 05 to 1 The D4 includes several default settings. It’s hard not to come aless heavily in favour of the D4. The D4 includes five editable parameters that let you electronically tailor the D4 trigger inputs to the characteristics of your drum transducers.

Experimentation with these levels is necessary to achieve the proper results. The D4 automatically senses the presence of this data; no button-pushing is required.

Decide which two voices should be individual voices, such as kick and snare; assign these to the Aux outputs, and all other drums panned as desired to the Main outputs. Perhaps the only area that’s been neglected here is that of reverse sounds – the D4 ain’t got any and short of sampling from it and reversing the sample, you ain’t gonna get any out of it. When you first press the Ext Trig button, it calls up the first page.

Alesis D4 Drum Module (MT Feb 92)

Use the Data wheel to select the desired character. Of course, one of the advantages of electronic drum sets is that you need not follow any standard way of placing drum sounds in the stereo field.


Dj4 my ear, the style kicks had a little too much attack and I preferred the sound filed under Efx 76, ‘Analogue’, as an alternative to the real thing. None janual these parameters is directly accessible to the user, but the availability and variety manuap trigger types – in conjunction with a user-determined Trigger Gain – is a practical compromise between flexibility and ease of operation. If it hasn’t been assigned already, assign a closing hi hat sound to this note.

If possible, make two backups, and store the second backup in a different physical location from the primary backup. For more details, see sections 1. These vibrations send signals to the nearby pads which can cause false triggering. The D4 was an affordable and fully professional Drum and Percussion cm4 module.

Perhaps it’s just Alesis’ way of reminding you about the origins of the sounds you’re using This period indicates that the input is reaching it’s full dynamic range.

A mechanical problem surge on the power line, a quick zap of static electricity or operator error could alter the data in memory. A footswitch, when pressed, can increment from dk4 drum kit to the next. Drum Sets can be selected, named, edited, and saved stored.

Use the Data knob to change Banks. The first group is subdivided into three further groups. However, if desired you can save to another location in memory. The second Ext Trig page shows four parameters. A voice is a sound-generating element with several variable parameters: In other words, if you save the data over channel 1 to a DataDisk, when you read back data from the DataDisk the D4 must be set to channel 1 or Omni, 25 which receives all channels to retrieve this data.

An acoustic hi hat produces three main types of sound: Thus, the kick will appear in the left aux output, and the snare will appear in the right aux output. Press the D4 Store button. Either way, your data is backed up.


Review by Tim Goodyer. One further Trigger Type is available – Unassigned. Where the Aledis scores over certain other drum expanders, however, is through its integral trigger interface. The Data knob scrolls through the active range of MIDI Note Numbers, the sound category or sound number, dependent upon where you set the cursor. There are too many attractive sounds to start listing them, but I did find some of the snares excellent and the talking drum was a particularly welcome discovery.

To use these optional outputs, patch them into your monitoring system or mixer. In severe cases, this is another way in which the Unassigned feature can be used. To audition other drum sounds within the selected Bank, check that the cursor is under the drum number.

Stepping through the settings in the Ext Trig section, the last option you’re presented with is called Footswitch Mode. To access different pages within these functions, either: If the LCD does not light, check your power alesiw. For average play hits ranging from very soft to very hard this curve gives you the full range of sensitivity which corresponds to MIDI velocities 1 through 1 Note Off Corresponds to a key being released; values are the same as note on.

To further complicate things, some drum sounds especially acoustic drums take a long time to decay. Feel free to turn the page if you still think drums have the monopoly on rhythm or you really are prepared to miss out on one of the neatest beatboxes to appear in quite d4m while.