Download Manual: Audi A6 / S6 — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 17 Mar, Model: Audi A6 / S6 Pages: File size: 88 MB. Download Manual. Audi A4 A 4 Owners Manual [Audi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred to as a glove box . Audi A8 A 8 Owners Manual [Audi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Do not set the parking brake or park on a hill. Please contact Service There is a system malfunction in the transmission. Danger of ownera away! Proceed to your Audi dealer for assistance. No legal commitment can therefore be implied by the information, illustrations or descriptions in this Manual.

Audi A4 Owners Manual See more. Let engine run with vehicle stationary. While every generation owneers model of Audi will have slightly different dashboard warning lights, I have chosen to create a comprehensive guide to one of our newest and most technologically advanced models, the Audi Q7. Book is in New, never-opened condition.

Carefully drive to your Audi dealer to have the malfunction corrected. In this instance, make sure to keep your RPMs below the displayed speed and proceed owwners to your Audi dealer to have the malfunction corrected. Some of the equipment described here will not be available until a later date, or may only be available in certain markets.

Audi Dashboard Warning Lights: A comprehensive visual guide

Adaptive cruise control is active. Did you find ownerz article helpful? Please contact Service Fuel has entered the engine oil as a result of frequent short drives. Should you have any further questions regarding your car or if you suspect that your owner’s literature is not complete, please contact your Audi dealer or importer. Drive until the engine is warm so that the fuel in the engine oil will evaporate. Proceed to your Audi dealer to have the malfunction corrected Oil level sensor oil change necessary.


Downhill assist activated You cannot activate the system when hill hold assist is active. If the indicator light is blinking, the braking force has not built up enough or it has decreased. The power steering may have failed.

The system has determined that the tank was filled incorrectly or that there is a malfunction. Some sections of this Owner’s Manual do not apply to all vehicles.

This message appears if the driver does not take over steering after multiple driver intervention requests and the system switches off.

Stop the vehicle in a safe location with enough space on the sides as soon as possible. Towing mode Side assist switches off automatically when ausi electrical connector in the factory-installed trailer hitch is connected. You may continue driving Steering may be more difficult to move or more sensitive than usual.

The ignition key was removed from the vehicle while it was running. You cannot turn the ignition on. Have your vehicle checked by your Audi dealer if the malfunction is continuous.

The engine is preheating if the indicator light turns on when the ignition is switched on. Removed from a Audi A4 6MT 3. If the indicator light and message appear while driving, the hill start assist or emergency braking function may be malfunctioning.


Posted in Service Information and Advice. This message appears if the vehicle rolls back when starting mwnual a slight incline, even though the system are active. Shift to P before leaving vehicle. Changing bulb for front fog lights Changing bulbs for rear lights in side panel. Please reduce oil level There is too much oil in the engine and there is a risk of damaging the catalytic converter and engine.

untitled – Audi A4__Owners Manual pdf – PDF Archive

Please refuel There are about 2. Refill with at least X qt AdBlue. The brakes have overheated. About Audi A4 Manuals Your bookcase is onwers of mwnual about your favorite cars, but there’s one title you shouldn’t overlook: The steering wheel is turned at a sharp angle or is moving.

Yellow line s left or right indicate that Active lane assist is activated, but is not ready to give warning. There is a malfunction in the electronic steering lock. Do not switch the ignition off because you may not be able to switch it on again.

Second seat row not locked. If the indicator light does not turn on, or blinks while driving, there is a engine control malfunction. This also causes the ESC to malfunction.